F**k Your Limits – Commit to Massive Action!


Imagine for a moment, without restriction, you could become anything. What would it be?

Social conditioning often instills a common belief within us that it isn’t possible. These forces restrict our potential. Through self-sabotage, many limit the boundaries of their thinking and develop resistance toward taking massive action. Redefine your limitations with the understanding that you possess unlimited abilities. Don’t compare yourself to the standards held by others throughout society. These standards are manufactured and can always be improved.

Be true to only yourself and your beliefs. Make a choice. Live with passion and make yourself a little uncomfortable everyday. This will grow your will power.

How can this be achieved?

Habitualize your actions and employ continuity within your frame. Commit to experiencing results on a daily basis until it becomes routine.

Filter any negative external feedback you experience as a result of societal norms. Surround yourself with positive influences and go get it!



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