Confidence, mental and physical strength, these are just a handful of things we think about when asked the question “what traits does a man embody?” At Dons Den, an online resource for men, we give simple, commonsense advice on what it is to be a man, ranging from tips on how to look your best, to the more nitty-gritty aspects of managing manhood in the 21st century. We also feature a range of audio-visual material for you to enjoy and share with your fellow brothers.

Founded in the city of London, England, we have a simple philosophy at Dons Den, and it isn’t about getting you to become someone else, it’s about articulating who you are as a man, in a world that generally doesn’t have a clue anymore. We’ll save the pseudo-intellectual jargon for others, here, it’s just plain speaking to help you gain a better life.

The Writer



Photo by Atlas Photography

Ben is a writer, editor and photographer, born in the UK. He’s the man behind much of the content you see throughout this website. In his own words: “Having waxed lyrical on myriad subjects since I was in my teens, I began to focus a lot of my attention on the subject of masculinity and men’s issues in my early-twenties. After a few years spent understanding just what true masculinity is, and how many men today, both young and old, have little concept of it, it felt important to become part of a resource that helped other men understand themselves and what they could achieve.”


Contact: thedonsdenworldwide@gmail.com


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