Socks by STANCE



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Stance Socks

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Watches by Kapten & Son

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The Kapten

Born for adventure, exploring the world.

Kapten & Son is more than just a brand. Kapten & Son gives you the feeling of being at home all over the world. From urban jungles to the end of the world.. Home is where your Kapten is.

With Kapten & Son products you always have the perfect travel companion by your side, wherever you go. Individually design each product of ours as unique as you are and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

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Essential Eyewear by ToyShades

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ToyShades is a design led eyewear brand creating value sunglasses and glasses aimed at fashion savvy men & women. Founded in 2013, with a michevious spirit they create updated and refreshed classic vintage eyewear styles, that cater to those on a budget. Their collections have a contemporary & refined personality, befitting the ToyShades ethos and ensuring a resultant range of reassuringly affordable eyewear.

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